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monday MAY 25
“Give me a child for seven years; afterwards, let God or devil take the child. They cannot change the child“.
~~Greek Saying
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24 May 2010
Inauguration of Phase II Block at Gerugambakkam - Chennai

The PSBB Millennium School

Gerugambakkam - Chennai


Inauguration of the Phase II Block at Gerugambakkam on Monday, 24th May 25, 2010


After a feverish one-month of hectic work, leaving no stone unturned and working 24x7,  the team of builders, painters, stonecutters and layers, landscapers, carpenters, vendors, manager, site engineers and electricians managed the impossible - completion of Phase II Block ready for inauguration on a balmy May morning.


The PSBB Millennium School Campus at Gerugambakkam is truly a one of a kind campus in its structure, build and size. Covering 1.20 lakh sq.ft of built in area, the building houses classes 1 to 10 with extra rooms to carry out activities of every kind be it those of the English Lab, the Math Lab, the Science Labs or Social Science lab, Dance, Music or Yoga.


With more than 300 odd labourers toiling and sweating through the hot summer, the mission impossible to complete the work between April 24th and May 24th was taken up with a vengeance and completed. The end result of the sweat and toil was sweet success on the 24th of May with the inauguration of Phase II Block


The morning began with the chanting of the mantra as the dedicated team of priests performed the Sudharshana Homam.  Mr. Sharad Agarwal, Trustee LLF and President Schools and Mr. YG Rajendraa, Executive Management Trustee PSBB Group of Schools and Bala Bhavan Education Trust took sankalpam and prayed for the success and well being of the School and its inmates.


The newly appointed teachers trickled in to witness the Homam.  The other senior staff members rumbled into the courtyard in the School bus only to give out a gasp on seeing the transformation of the campus in one month! They decided to take a look at the campus and went about taking the new teachers with them.


The Staff members stopped to admire and appreciate the landscape, the aquarium at the front reception, the size of the classrooms, the finish in the labs, the enormity of the campus, the paintings on the walls.  Ooh’s and aah’s could be heard in the passing and the smiles and beaming faces filled with pride was contagious and delightful for any witnessing passerby!


Other invitees who dropped in to congratulate and wish the School all the best couldn’t help but compliment the school for the way it had turned out to be! Invitees were taken round the campus in small groups showcasing the effort that had resulted in a state-of-the-art campus. Appreciation for the planning and execution of the same was given to the engineers and the contractors.  The fact that minute details with regard to the necessities of the children had been taken into account was commended.


Dr Mrs YG Parthasarathy, Padmashri Awardee, and Dean and Director of the PSBB Group of Schools arrived on the dot for the inauguration at 10:00am along with Mrs Sheela Rajendra, Vice Principal and Correspondent, PSBB Group of Schools. 


With a flourish the satin cloth covering the plaque was pulled back to formally inaugurate Block II, while the gathering crowd applauded in earnest. This was followed by the traditional lighting of the lamp by Mrs. Y G Parthasarathy, Gen Kapur, Brig Vikram Singh, Mr Sharad Agarwal, Mr Ramanujam (the Contractor for the construction and Proprietor of Ramcons) and Mrs Sheela Rajendra and Mrs Sita Umamaheswaran.


Thereon, the congregation moved to the Homam seeking blessing of the Almighty. Prayers rendered and blessing sought, the visitors moved on to the Seminar Hall where the teachers from the GST, OMR and Gerugambakkam branches had assembled. 


Dr Mrs Y G Parthasarathy addressed the gathering and told the teachers that they were indeed the proud recipients of the wonderful campus they were associated with.  She reminded them of the importance of AIR – Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility and said that every individual was responsible for the standard of the school and the academic excellence therein.  She encouraged the newly recruited Staff members to take the help of the seniors and their co-teachers who were already familiar with the PSBB Methodology.  She told them that despite the fact that they may have come from other schools and other boards, they would soon be able to adapt and adopt the PSBB methodology as part of their teaching process.  She also told them that they had very approachable Heads who could be consulted for any doubts they may have. She reiterated that as teachers we were morally responsible for the children under our care.


Mrs. Bhavani Baskar, one of the senior most teachers in the school, was announced to be the Asst Vice Principal on this occasion.


Commenting on the Campus Mrs. YGP said in very simple terms that the campus took her breath away! She wished all the teachers and the heads the very best and success in all their endeavours.


Mementos were given in appreciation to the dignitaries and all the people who had put in their time and effort to make the campus what it was.


A traditional lunch was awaiting the gathering and the people were invited to partake of the same. All the helpers, the workers and every person who had anything to do with the building were also served lunch on the joyous occasion.


The crowd melted away in the afternoon sun with their take away bag, also taking back with them memories of a morning well spent, looking forward to an academic year in a campus that was clearly a case of neighbour’s envy, owners pride!!


We are thankful to Mr. Shantanu Praksh and the Management for providing us with such a wonderful campus.  It only makes us renew our pledge to give our best for the institution and the students.