Indian Values Global Vision



Our vision at PSBB Millennium Group of Schools and PSBB Learning Leadership Academy is to empower students to enjoy learning and enhance potentiality to achieve their best. The Group of Schools envisages the need to build every student’s emotional, social, and personal well-being. We aim to recognize the true potential of students and shape them into confident, balanced and multi-faceted individuals, with well-rounded personalities.



Our mission is to -

  • Instill in our students a sense of pride of our rich cultural heritage.  
  • Prepare students to face the challenges of tomorrow and evolve into globally competitive citizens, yet have firm roots in Indian values.
  • Encourage students to set high ambitions in life and to passionately pursue their goal.
  • Motivate students to become lifelong learners with strong value systems
  • Inculcate qualities of Accountability, Integrity and Responsibility (AIR).