The PSBB Millennium Group of Schools is a collaborative venture between the Bala Bhavan Educational Trust, Chennai that runs the PSBB Group of Schools and the Learning Leadership Foundation run by a group of talented, innovative thinkers and philosophers who felt the rising need for quality education to be made available to more children.

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As a parent of a student studying at The PSBB Millennium School, Coimbatore, and also as a person who has been invited for several occasions to the school, I truly believe that this school teaches every student to be passionate about learning and to be a life-long learner. It encourages the children to passionately pursue their interests, while also providing them the holistic knowledge necessary for today’s world. Academic excellence apt for a global environment combined with a firm grounding in Indian values is what makes PSBB Millennium unique.

We are extremely happy that we had chosen PSSBM. Apart from holistic learning, all round development, as a parent, I am proud to say that children have learnt beyond the textbook and balanced, engaged and comprehensive curriculum has prepared my child to face the challenges in world with open arms. It has also fostered in him tremendous respect for the environment, the elderly and the less privileged in the society. My Pranams to everyone in the PSBBM family. They are definitely Millennials, but with a difference.

This institution is a rare blend of tradition and modernism, upholding the core Indian values. While there a lot of talking on happy classrooms, the school sets an example for how happy classrooms are, buzzing with relentless energy, enthusiasm, and making it a happening place. To sum, the institution enabled my son to shed his inhibitions, identify his core strengths, and motivate him to stretch his boundaries.

As a new parent here, I see a lot of changes in my children. Their critical thinking skills have improved; they have become more comfortable accepting failures and problems and have learnt to think over any situation and consider all the possibilities before making a decision. They have become more compassionate and more sensitive to the feelings of others. Listening, a quality they are learning is crucial, and they understand the importance of mutual respect. They have learnt to work better both independently and as a team. Speaking boldly and without being afraid of criticism while at the same time learning to avoid non-constructive criticism is something that they have learnt better in the past year.

I am impressed by the Value Education classes taught in our school. My grandson has truly got benefitted. This year his value education classes covered Mahabharata and every single class was a learning experience for him. He was always excited to attend the classes and carried home interesting incidents about the Epic. And he began reading the epic. He can flawlessly narrate the entire story mentioning each and every character. My sincere appreciation to all the teachers who instil values in young minds.

In this challenging times the teachers are giving online support for my ward. The classes are helpful and supportive for my daughter. The children are engaged throughout the week. Regular attendance is taken by the teachers and a small instruction to the parents for being vigilant while they take up the online tests shows the support and help rendered by the school and teachers. Hope everything should end peacefully so that the children can take up their board exam with confidence.

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