The PSBB Millennium Group of Schools is a collaborative venture between the Bala Bhavan Educational Trust, Chennai that runs the PSBB Group of Schools and the Learning Leadership Foundation run by a group of talented, innovative thinkers and philosophers who felt the rising need for quality education to be made available to more children.

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I want to take a minute to thank, appreciate and commend the superlative efforts being put in by everyone involved at PSBB LLA– teaching , non teaching, admin all inclusive. Day in and day out I see the effort being put in to help students stay on top of their learning and using the new 'normal' to the fullest extent possible. Since I work from home, I understand the difficulties involved and more the reason why I need to appreciate everything you do.

We have been associated with the school for 11 years now. Shubhang took admission in PSBB LLA when he was in UKG. We have had a wonderful journey till today. We are fortunate that we got into PSBB LLA. I sometimes overhear teachers' Online sessions. I feel all teachers are just wonderful and are putting in so much effort. I am very impressed with their teaching skills. Shubhang is also enjoying...We are thankful to all teachers and you for being their inspiration.

I would like to share with you all that teachers at PSBB LLA are doing a fantastic job. I am extremely happy with the teachers, their method of teaching and efforts taken for conducting online classes. A very big thanks to you all

I would like to wholeheartedly thank the entire team of teachers who have been working with great zeal. Teachers have been regularly conducting online classes for the students in spite of the lockdown. I appreciate the effort put in to motivate the students to learn new concepts and spend their time fruitfully. Special thanks to the Principal for supporting and guiding the teachers to make use of this online teaching-learning platform productively.

PSBB LLA is a place where children receive constant encouragement and are respected for what they are. The ambience undoubtedly is the one where the environment is nurturing and caring which propels children to excel. Students are being given an equal opportunity in various fields to develop their potential. I would like to thank the teachers for the effort they put in with the children. It is assuring to see the way students blossom and grow confident under their guidance. Kudos PSBB LLA you have set a high standard, you’ve raised the bar!

I am writing to you to express my appreciation to the entire team at PSBB LLA for their efforts in setting the standards. Both my husband and I are very happy with the progress of both our children. Aditi has greatly benefitted owing to the exposure in the. PSBB LLA has helped in developing my daughter’s talents and various skills, not only academically but also excelling in various other activities like MUN, Music and cultural activities. We are very happy and grateful to the school for playing a vital role in the all-round development of our children. Hats off to the entire team!

We really appreciate the tremendous work by the Management team and the staff in making this an exceptional school. My son receives admirable support above and beyond what I expected at the outset. Thank you! There is a positive vibe in the school and the staff is extremely supportive and encouraging. The Technology Integrated teaching by the proactive teachers is greatly appreciated. Thank you all!

Being a proud PSBBian myself, I wanted my daughter Prasidhi too to be part of this prestigious institution. My daughter is now in grade 12 and she has been part of PSBB LLA from her KG days. It has been wonderful to see her grow and progress at every step, build immense confidence and be exposed to various cultural art forms. The well-coordinated and well-rehearsed Annual Educational Project, Sports Day and Annual Days are truly a spectacle to behold. The institution encourages every child to participate in co-curricular activities while giving equal importance to academic development. The school lives up to its motto – ‘Indian Values, Global Vision’. Best wishes team PSBB LLA!