Health and Fitness Activities

To be an achiever, hearty and successful, it is imperative to possess a sustained feeling of good health and well-being. We at PSBB LLA aim to inculcate and spread awareness about the proper care, use, and exercise of the body. The school supports this by integrating sports and physical education as a part of our school curriculum, thereby providing students with a variety of sporting activities. The State-of-the-art sports facilities include athletic track, basketball courts, a football field, and a cricket pitch. Students get expert guidance from trained physical education instructors. Our students have represented District, State, and National Level games and won accolades.

Music and Dance

Music and Dance is one of the highest forms of expression that helps to cut through individual differences and cultural differences.

At PSBB LLA, Music and Dance are believed to be the expression of the soul. We focus on basic lessons of Music & dance. Our students are introduced to both Indian and Western Music. Our Indian Music & Dance curriculum focuses on children learning basic music notes and basic dance movements. Students are exposed to all kinds of dance forms like Indian Classical, semi-classical and folk.

Students are provided the opportunity to showcase their talents during General Assemblies and class assemblies

Educational Field Trips

Field Trips: Field trips for all classes are conducted as an extensive learning experience based on the curriculum.


Yoga is an essential part of the curriculum. The school has incorporated yoga for class I onwards under efficient Yoga instructors. ‘Staying Fit’ is the mantra practiced by every student through pranayama, Suryanamaskar and various asanas. Students actively participate in inter-school yoga competitions organized by CBSE and schools in the city.

House System

The school boasts of an robust House system. The four Houses are Sapphire (Blue), Emerald (Green), Ruby (Red) and Topaz (Yellow). Many Inter-House competitions are held periodically. These Inter-House activities are guided and carried forward by efficient House Mistress and House teachers. 

General Assembly

This is a weekly feature offering varied activities and it serves as a stage for students to showcase their talents and compete at higher levels.

Morning Assembly 

Class assemblies mark the beginning of our day at school. Our assemblies are creative, thematic and provide a platform to promote teamwork, showcase talents and enhances student’s public speaking skills.


This art program is a unique pedagogical tool to facilitate creativity, adaptability and develop cognitive skills that will enrich learning across all disciplines. Students of primary classes indulge in creative art activities that provide an outlet to explore and gain control over their emotions.

Reading Program
Reading is dreaming with open eyes. D.E.A­.R  - Drop Everything And Read, program aims to kindle interest and give a new impetus to the whole concept of reading. T­his initiative helps chi­ldren to know more ab­out the world around ­them through the perspect­ive of the author.

Community Outreach

Students are encouraged to indulge in community volunteering service. Volunteering service has helped students realise that helping out with the smallest tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people, animals and organizations in need.
Volunteering has proved to be an avenue to explore areas in which students express interest. It has helped students to evolve as compassionate and empathetic individuals. Our students regularly volunteer as scribes and have realised how their role leaves a mark on the community.

Important Days

Celebrating important days and festivals has become an integral part of learning. It helps to foster a strong cultural belief encouraging students to embrace other traditions and cultures.