Campus Facilities

The campus is equipped with modern facilities that are stimulating and supportive of the Teaching-Learning Processes pursued to realize our philosophy. Our 5.2-acre campus is set in sylvan, pollution-free surroundings. The campus houses classes from PreKG to Standard XII. Spacious and airy classrooms, assigned to different levels, are housed in separate blocks. All the classes are technologically equipped to implement the Smart Class Programme. The audio-visual room and virtual classroom facility aids to provide a more meaningful and active learning experience.

Campus Facility includes:


English Lab: With the use of innovative and creative aids, children acquire language skills at their own pace. Technology-assisted and activity-based training motivates students to learn without any stress.

Math Lab: Learning by Doing' forms the basis for all activities in the lab. Math manipulatives and technology-assisted learning helps the students to understand difficult concepts and to work with ease.

Science Labs: Our science lab is a springboard for many young scientists to ascend and shine, as it has wonderful and tangible working models and innovative teaching aids. Easy assimilation of intrinsic principles is in tandem with the application of the knowledge acquired and experience gained in the lab. Separate lab facility for Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Social Studies Lab: Social Studies Lab provides a challenging atmosphere for students to transcend the confines of a classroom while mastering the nuances of geography and linking history with the past and the present.

Computer Labs: The well-equipped senior and junior computer labs and a highly structured computer science curriculum allow students to remain updated with digital skills.


Students are encouraged to read and experience the joy of reading. The well-stocked senior and junior libraries help students to gain a wholesome learning experience. Books, periodicals and a variety of other resources are made available for research, reference and new learning. Students have access to a wide range of fiction for all age groups and reading abilities. Regular activities are planned to promote literature and kindle readers' love for language. Technology-aided reference section for teachers and an exclusive resource center for students is another highlight of the library. The library also supports the archiving of the school's learning resources and records.


Our school magazine is a document of the growth of the school and a reflection of our major activities, achievements and celebrations. It informs the students about the tradition built by the school. Almanac ‘Surabhi’ serves as a launchpad to boost the inherent talents of our young writers who pen splendid stories, amusing articles, and pensive poems. The travel tales and artistic strokes put together makes ‘Surabhi’ an interesting read.

Smart Class & IT Education

The School empowered with cutting edge and internationally acclaimed SmartClass Programme fosters a rich and varied learning environment. The PSBB Millennium Group of Schools are among the first few in the world to bring technology into every classroom thereby instrumental in creating a meaningful learning experience.
Smart class enables teachers to engage students through highly captivating visuals, graphics, animation, videos, and other digital materials as they transact specific curriculum concepts in class.
Besides SmartClass, STEM education provides a concept driven approach to strengthen analytical knowledge.


Robotics, an additional feature supports and strengthens the knowledge and skills of the students while designing, creating and operating robots. It enhances the mental & cognitive skills of students, as the creation of robots not only requires the physical construction but also the strong mental ability to design the programs for their control. Our IT curriculum makes the learning experience enjoyable for students and improves their understanding of abstract curriculum concepts.


A well-equipped infirmary is not only a need but a mandatory requirement of a school. Our students’ health is of prime concern and we ensure that prompt care is taken to address both the needs of the sick and emergency in school. The school infirmary is equipped with well-maintained beds and basic first-aid equipment and facilities. An on-site trained nurse is available to attend to any health issues that may arise during school hours. ‘Doctor on Call’ facility is made available in case of an emergency. 


The school counsellor plays a vital role by offering individual counselling to help students resolve personal or interpersonal problems. Regular forums are being conducted for both teachers and students to ensure to build a healthy emotional environment. Counselling is also conducted in small groups and classroom settings.


The school has a very spacious amphitheatre and the largest in South Bangalore with a capacity to hold 2000 people.

Sports Facilities

Sports and Games form an integral part of the school curriculum. The spacious playground provides students adequate facility for all games and atheletics. The school has special arrangements for indoor games like carrom, chess, badminton etc. Regular coaching for sports and games such as Basketball, Handball, Football and Cricket is given to students under the supervision of trained sports teachers.