Safety and security have always been our priority keeping in mind the need to build a safe and secure environment for our students. The committee comprises of teachers, students, and parent representatives to ensure that our students and staff are provided a safe, healthy, and supportive environment. Safety and Security Measures include constant monitoring of the campus through CCTVs, Security Personnel, and vigilant Floor Supervisors.


Safety and Security Committee: 

  1. Ms. Bhagyavati Gudi
  2. Ms. Uma B
  3. Mr. Hiremath B
  4. Ms. Nithya Karthikeyan
  5. Ms. Srividya A
  6. Parent Representative
  7. Parent Representative
  8. Safety and Security Committee Student Head
  9. Safety and Security Committee Student Head

POCSO Committee

  1. Ms. Anuja Kumari
  2. Ms. Anupama Rajith
  3. Mr. Manjunath D N

Sexual Harassment Committee

  1. Ms. Deepa Anand
  2. Mr. Srinivasan N