Activities Offered

1 to 10

Computer Science, Physical Education, Games, Yoga, Art & Craft / Work Experience

1 to 8

Veda(Classes 1-7), Dance, General Knowledge, Indian Music & Western Music (KG to Class 5), Computer Science, Robotics, Value Education.

SPORTS:  Cricket , Basket ball , Football, Athletics, Indoor Games, Fitness Games for KG and Primary

MUSIC & DANCE: Indian Music, Western Music (KG and Primary), Bharathanatyam (girls), Free Style Dance (boys)

THEATRE:  An exclusive club for theatre is being launched this academic year( 2020-2021) in order to hone the linguistic skill and histrionics. 

CREATIVE ARTS: Drawing, Painting, Craft, Computer Designing

CLUB ACTIVITIES: With the intention of helping children explore their interests and to be ahead of the pack  in all fields,  the school offers a wide array of clubs.The 5 main Inter- PSBB Millennium clubs are as follows :   

CREATIVE WRITING CLUB: The literary and creative skills of the students are enhanced in this club. Members are encouraged to read and write and take part in inter school competitions in order to explore their writing skills and express themselves with clarity. Workshops are conducted to hone their skills. Author visits and  discussions on the pieces written by students help children take their skills to the next level! The Book Club where students discuss books of their interest and   classics, also functions as an ancillary of the club.

DEBATE CLUB: The debate club trains students to compare and discriminate between ideas ,verify facts, resolve controversies and recognise the strengths and weaknesses of arguments. The club aims at generating creative thinking into primary issues in the given topic. Periodic workshops are conducted for the selection of the finalists.

QUIZ CLUB: This club conducts quizzes in the school at various levels during various events . Young minds are ignited with the zeal to stay abreast of current affairs and enhance their general knowledge in all fields. 

ART & CRAFT CLUB:  A boon for  those who are artistically inclined  , this club helps young artists  showcase their talents through activities like wall painting, creation of eco friendly utility products, soft board decoration and poster designing.  The Art Club is the club to turn to for props and decor  during school events like Annual Day, Project Day etc.

SCIENCE & TECH CLUB : Members of this club are encouraged to explore science related activities. Inhouse workshops and hands on activities are the highlights of this club which foster  the scientific temper in children. Pragyaan, an intra school competition is a platform for students to exhibit their scientific skills.

The activities of these 5 clubs culminate in the Inter PSSB Millennium competitions where children pit themselves against the best brains. 

In addition to this, the children are offered an opportunity to dive deeper into whatever they are interested in. Clubs like the Heritage Club, Interact Club, Eco Club, Media Club, Integrity Club and Theatre Club are also offered.The activities conducted by the clubs and the training given empower the members to become creative, confident and competent global citizens !

EDUCATIONAL TRIPS & EXCURSIONS: Every class is taken for a field trip once a year to places of educational interest. These trips serve as a means to enable experiential learning. 

SOCIAL OUTREACH: Interact Club provides a platform for the students to develop a richer perspective of the world they live in and make it a better place through community service. 

the club organise free Health Checkup Camp, Blood donation camp, Eye donation awareness rally, Lake cleanup programme, Volunteering for Rotract Talentunt (Competition conducted for physically challenged and orphanage students). Through fundraising events the club helps Government Schools in black board painting, furniture donation and taking care of infrastructural needs.     

GENERAL ASSEMBLIES are conducted once a week for all levels. These assemblies provide an opportunity for students to showcase their talents.

FIELD TRIPS to various places of interest ensure that the students are exposed to places of  importance to widen their horizons.

CELEBRATIONS ensure that traditions are kept alive. Apart from our regular celebrations like Janmastami, Pongal, Christmas and Onam, National festivals are given their due and celebrated with great gusto and patriotic cheer.