KIT : Keep In Touch is a programme held generally in the first week of June in the school premises. Awards are given to the students who have passed their 10th and 12th Board examinations with flying colours. The subject toppers and school toppers are felicitated.

INVESTITURE :The Investiture ceremony is one of the most important events. It reminds us of the trust and confidence we envisage in the newly elected and selected office bearers. The candidates for the Council Body are  nominated by the students of Grade 11 and 10. Elections are then held at the class level in a democratic manner. The Investiture ceremony marks the swearing in of the office bearers who are honoured with badges and sashes. They take the oath to do their best for the school.

SULAKSHYA: This interschool cultural fest strives to bring out the hidden talents of the students of classes 6, 7 and 8 in various co-curricular fields. This is conducted by Class 12. We would like to mention that we are one of the few schools that holds interschool competitions for the middle school.

KALPATARU is a fundraising carnival held by the school in association with The Rotary Club,T. Nagar Chennai. It had its beginnings in 2015. The event is enthusiastically organized by the school’s Interact Club. It involves interesting games and numerous cultural performances both by popular artists and our very own students. Attractive stalls are put up and the proceeds from the event is donated to charity. The event is held to instil the values of sharing and caring.

INTRAMUN: The Intramun is an initiative of the MUN club of the PSBBMS OMR. Rightly described by its logo "Engage, Empower, Evolve", it is an event that engages over 150 students from classes 6 and above, helping them empower themselves and evolve as better leaders of tomorrow. The delegates are a part of over six committees, each addressing a different issue that concerns the modern world. The battle of words and the diplomatic talks that fill the environment give both the presenters and the participants good exposure making them realise the importance of having  perspective and a voice of their own.

ANNUAL DAY - ANUBHUTI is a platform to showcase the talents of the children. Songs, dances and skits in English and regional languages ensures to nurture talent.

KG ANNUAL DAY: The KG Annual Day conducted in the school premises is an opportunity for the KG children to captivate the audience with their enthrallinhg performances. 

ANNUAL SPORTS DAY - BLAZE  is a much-awaited event where the 4 Houses compete with the spirit of true sportsmanship for the overall Championship Trophy. A series of demonstrations such as  Drill, Yoga, and various displays are also performed to highlight the talents of students. This event keeps the fire of fun , games and healthy competition ‘ablaze.’

ANNUAL EDUCATIONAL PROJECT - PRADHARSHINI  is conducted to display the students’ knowledge in all subjects-from core Science to Yoga-in the form of self-made models, charts and presentations. It gives the students hands on experience of the concepts they have learnt in the classroom.

PRAGYAAN :The Intra-School Science Fair aims to nurture the innovative and creative minds of students.

SWAGATHAM MARGAZHI  is celebrated on the first day of the month of Marghazi. The school halls reverberate with divine bhajans spreading positive vibes as Marghazhi makes its grand entry.